Over the years we have been selling our Smart Golden Doodle Puppies, we have received some customer reviews that we wish to share with you. Unfortunately, we can not list them all because we receive a hundred testimonials every year. Below are some customers who take time out of their busy schedule to appreciate us. We also hope you do same when you receive your new puppy from us.

We adopted this adorable 11-week-old puppy in December 2022. The Golden Doodle Puppies family was wonderful and communicated with us every step of the way. We highly recommend Smart GoldenDoodles Home. My friend referred us to them. We could not be more grateful for her. They do a wonderful job of taking care of the puppies.

Golden Doodle Puppies
Idris Allison Jacksonville,FL

We Picked up our Puppy 3 months ago and we couldn’t ask for better people to deal with he has immediately adapted to our home and is a joy. Thanks to them for allowing us to bring our dog named Rocko over to bond with him over the last few weeks. They have hit it off great! We would recommend them to anyone looking for a top-quality, well-adjusted dog. We’ll be back

Golden Doodle Puppies
Joana H. Dallas,TX

Great experience! We are very happy with our new puppy. We are more grateful to Smart Golden Doodle Home The entire experience from finding her on the website to bringing her home was very easy and the different contacts involved were very efficient and caring. I would recommend Smart Golden Doodle Puppies Home to anyone trying to find a furry loved one that fits you perfectly.

Iris Stephanie Waltham,MA

Hannah has joined us and she is one happy and sunny heartbreaker. A lot of energy can be used with other friends. The trip went very well and she has adapted so quickly. We are so grateful for Loving akita Puppies . It’s amazing to work you do. Thank you so much.

Stella Mcgraw Arlington,TX

Thank you for Checking in on us and Maximus. He is everything I could wish for! He’s perfect in so many ways and reminds me so much of my Massimo that passed away. Y’all have gave us the love of our lives a few times and I want to thank you and Your family. We renamed him maximus and he already knows his name he already knows sit and kisses

Chelsea Veronica Denver ,CO

No amount of words can ever express my gratitude to you and your family for the wonderful service but above all the wonderful puppy you delivered to me. All the doubts that I had that I would get the puppy I was seeing on your website vanished the moment I saw her at the airport. Everything went so smooth and your service is impeccable. Much much simpler than I thought! I still cannot believe that I could order a puppy online.

Artem Sherevko Omaha,IOWA

We received our puppy 10 Months ago. She is the sweetest thing, loves to snuggle and we named her “Josey”! She was flown to Maine and it was an easy transaction! She fits right into our family..we love her!!

Joel Nelson Maine

We are so happy with the purchase of our dog Mike from Smart Golden Doodle Puppies Home , he was very accommodating, and his family was such a joy to meet. He let me see the father and mother of my puppy and it really put my mind at ease about the health concerns. I am very grateful for having done business with such an honest and ethical person.

Frederick Hocken Nashville,TN


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